"Adding their own flavor to the funk revival scene, STIG keeps it smooth and sexy, interesting without ever overstaying their welcome."
       -  The Deli Magazine

Artie Sadtler



Ryan Stigmon


"Feel-good funk...played with the freewheeling abandon you would hope to hear from a bunch of very young, very talented musicians in the act of discovery."
       -  The Aspen Times
"Their fiery blend of jazz and funk leads to tremendously energetic shows and the album captures the raw energy and musical ability of these young funksters...This is a funk band certainly on their way up the ranks."​
       -  215 Music

Jack McChesney



Thomson Knoles

Keyboards, Organ

How STIG fans describe the band:
    "STIG makes me wiggle in my car when I really ain't got much wiggle room" 
       "A one way trip to funky town" 
                                 "Y'all make me feel SAUCY"
STIG is the world’s first and finest four-piece power trio. Featuring Ryan Stigmon on the saxophone, Thomson “Soy Boy” Knoles on the keys, Jack McChesney on the drums, and Artie Sadtler on the bass guitar, the band brings their improvised psychedelic funk sound from the hills of Asheville, NC to the eyes and ears of their fans across the US.

The band is inspired by a wide array of music, from the expeditious improvisation of Herbie Hancock and Phish, to the energetic complexity of Snarky Puppy and Meshuggah. Check out a STIG show and you’re guaranteed to be drawn into a dynamic and ever-changing groove that doesn’t stop ‘till the guys walk offstage. No two songs are the same from night to night, giving the band plenty of elbow room to take them in any direction they choose. Between the high-octane improvisation and low-down and dirty FUNK, STIG is not a band you want to miss!